Who We Are

About ANI

Action Now Institute [ANI] works for racial, social and economic justice by building leadership capacity of community members, developing cutting-edge policy analysis, and driving data-focused and results-oriented campaigns that promote our community leaders to the decision making tables for their communities.

Our cornerstone priority is educating, expanding and empowering our base of working families in predominantly Black communities. As a multi-issue organization, we recognize the intersectionality of issues affecting people in low-income communities of color. Our lives do not happen in a vacuum from others issues related to living wages, public safety, affordable housing and corporate accountability. Our organizing model is explicit about building power for people in low-income communities, across issue-areas. We focus on several key issue areas that regularly surfaced through our daily-door knocking in low-income neighborhoods. We are focusing on inspiring our communities to work together for policy changes that will impact our neighborhoods, reshape institutions, and building a voice for communities who have gone unheard for far too long.

The fights for education justice, housing justice, and economic justice are inextricably entwined with the fights for racial justice and civic engagement.