Housing Justice

Our Values:

We value safe communities, and we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live in safe, affordable housing and that affordable housing not only provides families with a place to live, but also builds the community to becoming more stable and vibrant.

Our Work:

In order to have strong, stable communities, it is critical that the affordable housing stock is maintained and expanded. We support housing justice initiatives in a variety of ways, from supporting renters by encouraging that we “Lift the Ban” on rent stabilization in Chicago, to helping to create a land trust for Cook County so that vacant building can be rehabbed and repurchased at affordable rates.

We also fight to dismantle racist and classist practices in property tax assessments, as we work with our communities to push back against gentrification and further disinvestment from Black communities. Our housing justice campaigns include:

  • Lift the Ban (establishing rent stabilization in Chicago)
  • Property Taxes (ending racial redlining in property taxes)
  • Connected Communities Land Bank (creating new and affordable housing)
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