Education Justice

Our Values

We value community, neighborhood public schools that are thriving community centers, and we believe that every child deserves a quality education in a safe, supportive learning environment that welcomes authentic parent engagement, and are filled with highly effective teachers who love our children and our community.

Our Work

We believe that every child deserves a robust and equitable education experience, and we value a strong public education system that provides students with culturally relevant curriculum, wrap-around services, and democratic processes that allow parents, teachers, students and community members to have the power to guide their own educational outcomes. Our education justice campaigns include:

  • Elected Representative School Board
    • Chicago is the only district in IL (as well the largest district, with the greatest number of students of color) that does not elect its own school board. We are fed up with mayoral appointees who do the mayor’s bidding by closing majority Black and Brown schools, while the mayor attacks our communities through racist and classist housing, economic, and policing policies.
    • We believe we must be represented at the school board by engaging in authentic democracy so that we can have the power to hold our school decision-makers accountable for our children’s educational outcomes.

  • Grow Your Own Teachers
    • GYO is one of our keynote programs that recruits and trains prospective teachers for low-income communities of color. We helped found this program and we’re excited about its growth. We see GYO as an additional bridge towards further education outcomes for students, as well as an opportunity to expand economic and educational opportunities for low-income adults of color.


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