Action Now members joined organizations from all over the city to deliver a message to Mayor Emanuel and the City Council – there should not be any agreement on the FOP contract that does not include the recommendations of the Coalition for Police Contract Accountability (CPCA). Our sister organization, Action Now Institute, is a part of this group of community, policy and civil rights organizations working to improve the process and practice of police accountability in the city of Chicago.

Among the key points stressed from CPCA are:

  • The union contracts make the “code of silence” official department policy.
  • The contracts make it too easy for officers to lie about misconduct
  • The contracts require officials to ignore and destroy evidence of misconduct.
  • The contracts make it too hard to investigate and be transparent about police misconduct.
  • On average, Chicago has paid $1M a week for misconduct lawsuits over the past 13 years. ($662M from 2004-2016)

Communities of color are the primary victims of police abuse and of the structural racism within the criminal justice system. There are documented systematic patterns and practices of misconduct in the Chicago Police Department including excessive use of force, racial profiling, and deficient systems of accountability. The DOJ has concluded the police union contracts pose a significant barrier to accountability and must be reformed.